Firmware reference

Hi. I’m new to Spark Core and I am looking for a complete list of implemented wiring functions. If I am not mistaken - all functions are not listed at

IE says shiftin() and shiftout() are implemented, but they are not in the docs.

Is there a more complete list somewhere to be found?


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@tomasn, looking at the latest master repo and the docs, I also see tone() and noTone() are missing though they are implemented. @kennethlimcp, any reason we have not documented these four functions? If not, I can take a crack at it under the INPUT/OUTPUT section. :smile:

I think it was forgotten already @peekay123.

Thanks! Let me know if you need help with that :slight_smile:

@tomasn and @kennethlimcp, I have added the missing documentation for the functions under the INPUT/OUTPUT section, ADVANCED I/O. :smile: