Neotype- ultimate macro machine/ keyboard replacement

Typing more efficently is something that facinates me. I’m a bit obsessed with the idea of bring efficient computer usage and communication to a broader audience. Polling around, I have found people are unhappy with their typing efficiency. Most folks just plainly tell me its hard or cumbersome for them to type or interface with their devices.

For quite a few years toyed the idea of building a devices to improve typing. The past year prototyped a device with the Arduino Mirco and learned alot along the way. Couple weeks back toasted the micro desoldering the header pins for a new prototype. Now considering using the spark! At least maybe have it on the list of compatible boards.

The concept is to use an combination of sensors worn on the arm. Like the thing Lelaa has in futurama! The magic is that sensor data is turned into keystrokes, macros and pointer movement that gives mostly hands free control. All layed out in a way that makes it easy for the user to figure out and get started fast. The hands free part is a touch nut to crack, but I’m sure in good time the best solution will become practical. Have my own ideas of what will succeed. What’s more exciting is the code to do this can be layed out now and the hardware is readilly avalible. Think I put the concept out here in a broad sence, but this really is a project that is hard to talk about in general terms, please ask questions!

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Pretty cool, and this could solve other health issues for people that sit around all day at computers. Waving your arms around to type out an email should be a pretty good workout. Taping into the brain would definitely be the most efficient though… if we could only crack that nut.

You got it, I’m on the bandwaggon of this “standing desk” phase but it would be great to start a “walking desk” movement!

As far as braintapping goes, its more possible then people think. Just a mater of if people want to shave their heads and wear a device there instead. I’m betting the wrist option might be more popular.