Need to add BLE to Electron, Carloop

I have a Particle Electron for Asia region connected to the Carloop board to interface with the automobile CANBus. I need to add bluetooth to connect wireless sensors. Any idea what hardware to use and how to physically interface it with the Electron/Carloop boards?

You could use something like HC-05 (slave only) HC-06 (master/slave) and connect that to one of the free UART ports on the Electron. That way you can talk to your Electron over BLE.

But in order to talk to connect BLE sensors to your Electron you’d probably need some “coprocessor” like an ESP32 which does the talking to the sensors and then communicate its data to the Electron (via I2C, SPI or UART).

Thank you @ScruffR, I was hoping for something already integrated (plug and play of sorts), which is what I thought I was getting into with Particle. Looking more like an Arduino solution would be a better fit.