Need price on development


I m looking at taking a picture 8 cm close every hour and send it to a server over wifi. I ll need to take 2 pictures in fact with 2 different leds. One led active, i take the picture then the other led active and i take another picture and those 2 pictures should arrive on my server to be treated. I don t need high res, 640x480 is ok and i can do greyscale. All this need to be repeated every hour.

I would need this in a very cheap hw so spark core or even photon would be best and i would prefer to use cameras in the range of 5$ like ov7670 or better, ov2640 which can be found at 4$ a piece.

If possible, i would like to have this on battery with a mechanism to consume close to nothing when not taking picture and sending over internet.

Could you please tell me if you could make me a proposition on price to do this design for me? I did it already with raspberry pi easily but i dont know arduino. For the moment, my set up with raspbery is around 60$ and i can t use battery as the raspberry is consuming too much so i m looking at a better solution.

If you have other proposition than spark core or photon, i m open to ideas. The only thing is that i need to make sure it is easily replicable.

Many thanks if you can help,


Hey @starcraft04, what kind of Design are you looking for? I imagine you are largely interested in Software design given your comment that you don't know arduino. Is that correct or are you also looking for hardware design (designing a PCB for the Core and camera to attach to)?


It is mainly the hardware and the driver needed. I worked a little bit with the Arduino so if the camera is working, I can do the rest like sending picture over the net to my server. But I don’t know how to do the software part for the camera.