Spark core to use with camera to send picture every hours

Hi all,

I was just wondering if someone managed to get a camera working with the spark core.

I would like to use the spark core to send 1 picture even small resolution to a server. I can’t use commercial cameras for what I m doing because I created a specific case and I need to take a picture at 6 cm away from the object every hour so this is very specific.

Thanks if anyone can help.



Have someone who managed to interface a C1098 JPEG camera and takes reasonably clear pictures. Did not do the uploading to a server but i think that should be doable.


How about considering a Raspberry Pi + Camera instead? Might be simpler :slight_smile:

Hi thanks for the heads up.

I already use a raspberry pi but that means no battery. I was thinking with the core that I would shut it down and take a picture every hour only so that it can last for a long time on battery.



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