Need paid help in developing Photon app

Currently have photon sending data to google cloud, and that’s where my knowledge stops. Goal #1 is to show potential client data on dashboard or website with nicely customized graph. No analytics or BI or database searches, just 24 hour data w/ client logo.
Goal #2 is to show current data on otherwise static mobile display. No user input, just data on screen customized with client’s logo. Need someone to do #1, 2 or both.
Bill C

Rather than pay someone for a custom solution, for displaying data with Zero interaction there are already services online that require not much more than clicking some buttons. All of them get a mention in these forums, they should all be able to get you what you want for various amounts of money and effort.


The downside so far as I can see is that some(all?) of these services sidestep Particles cloud which may or may not bother you.

Also what is the difference between 1&2? Is the 2nd the first customized for display on a mobile handsets smaller screen?

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