Need help with connecting Anemometer (Small gig - paid)

Need help with integrating Anemometer:

I need help with publishing windspeed information from the anemometer to the cloud.

I currently have a Particle Electron that is connected to a limit switch, that publishes data to the cloud real-time. Along with the existing setup, I would like to also publish anemometer data to the cloud.

Experience with debouncing circuity would be helpful.

I found two references to anemometer projects:

Using Particle Electron:
Using Arduino:

Send me your availability and quote. We can catch up on skype/hangout.


There have been multiple threads on this forum about using anemometers

found via

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@pari, A couple of things:

I used this anemometer for my first weather station. A couple of points I learned:

  1. It requires a minimum of 7VDC. I had to add a boost converter. Not a big deal but something you have to consider.
  2. It is analog, so you don’t have to worry about debounce.
  3. Data screams out of this device at an incredible rate (especially as the wind increases). If you’re using an Electron you might find your data charges excessive. Are you planning on some kind of average?
  4. The device is heavy and you don’t get wind direction and/or rain.

I eventually moved to this setup and it’s so much easier:

Just my $0.02.