Need help understanding the concept of Products


At the moment I have successfully produced a prototype application for my work center using the Electron. In the coming weeks I will be deploying 20 of them for my base. Now this leads to bigger and better things. There are a couple of other bases that want this too!

I sort of need to get this under control and quickly! I can’t understand to whole product concept as the only documentation I seem to find is in the API references.

Here’s kind of what I think I need:

We will ultimately need one master call to activate all electrons across the globe wherever they are installed. We need a clever way to manage the funding of the data. It’s government money so it get’s tricky. Also I need to control who has access to the system and assign privileges. The reason for the privileges scope is that I don’t want one base who is testing their electrons to trigger all the bases who aren’t. I plan on building the Web UI for this using NodeJS and Angular (MEAN Stack). Can anybody clue me in on this concept?


You can take a look at where there’s a section to create a product.
@jeiden might be able to give more insights about scoped privileges

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Okay so I went ahead and created the product in the console. So far this leads to more independent research. But right away I can’t get the binary to upload. It gives me a mismatch error. I did add the product Id and version using the macros in the build IDE. Anyone else have this issue and how you corrected it?

Do you want to sell the product as a consumer device where the only responsibility you have is to update the software. or Do you want to sell the service and you manage the devices for your customers?

Well no really, I am using these as a method to control devices all over the world for the GOV. I could just put them all on my account but then I’m going to pay data for a ton of devices. Not good. Plus I need a way to encapsulate the activity. When one location conducts a test of all their devices I don’t want the whole world the devices going off and giving false alarm. However, when I issue the a mass call all the devices should function for everyone. But I want them to able to pay for their own data. Every base gets their own funding for such things.

Problems Solved on the Binary issue. Make sure to have the correct device selected before clicking the compile and download button in the build IDE. OMG all the little things we miss whilst in a rush to get through steps!


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