Need a Boron without headers... won't be blocking anything on the Boron board

I want to mount a GPS feather below the boron facing the opposite directions so the GPS chip antenna will be facing away from the Boron processor board.

All I need is a boron board without headers to get this done.

It is not possible to purchase a Boron without headers. Also, if you flip the Feather underneath upside down, the pins will no longer line up.

You can mount a feather board under a Boron using female header sockets on the top of the feather below. However for GPS this works best if you use an external antenna, because the top side of the bottom feather will now be covered up by the Boron.

This is not a GPS, but it’s how an under-mount FeatherWing works.

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I'm sorry, but I'm still of the opinion that this is a poor choice.
Adafruit sells loads of Feather boards with unsoldered pins for the user to decide where to put them (some even with male & female).

While the female headers on top may work for GPS FeatherWings with OLED FeatherWings that's not an option and if space is an issue doublers or tripplers are not always the ultimate solution either.


I would agree that all devices should come without headers - I have been cutting the pins length to mount on a tripler with short headers. Actually would be good for all feathers and featherwings to come this way. There again some folks aren’t happy to solder something like this!

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I’m currently making a feather wing that you might be interested in.
Imagine the adafruit feather gps wing with the top and bottom layers flipped utilizing the same module from the sparkfun qwiic gps module with the XA1110 chipset that has GLONASS. So basically you can stack the boron directly on top of it and get GLONASS functionality. Then I’m going to place the adafruit 400mah lipo directly between the 2 boards, resulting in a 1" x 1" x 2" gps tracker.
When I’m done I can update this post and link to the OSHpark files if you’d like to make your own.
Also I’m going to hand solder the wings together. The gps module might be difficult for someone without good soldering experience. But when I make my orders, I wouldn’t be opposed to building some for the community if people wanted to order some.

Also, if it counts for anything, I would by all my particle boards without headers soldered if I could.


@cato9tails, @armor, @mathpluslabs, I have created a poll for that request. Maybe if this gets enough traction the community may be able to convince :particle: Particle to swallow the one-time cost of "reconfiguring" the production lines and skip the step for soldering the headers but loosely toss them into the package.