NAT64 on Gen 3 gateway


From any of the non-gateway nodes on my network I can to IPv4 hosts using the NAT64 address (64:ff9b::... This works fine and is NATed by the gateway.

I can not use the same addresses on the gateway though. I have to use the IPv4 address on the external interface (eg:

This means my firmware has to know where it is installed to be able to work. It would be much easier if the IPv6 addresses could be NATed on the gateway.

Is this a bug? If so I’ll open in on Github. Thanks!


This is by design. We are not doing NAT64 for connections originating from the gateway itself, because it may establish connections to IPv4 hosts using, well, IPv4.

The simplest strategy here would be to first try connecting to IPv4 address and if unsuccessful, try IPv6.


Is there a reason you can’t do both though?

I agree that the gateway should be able to connect to IPv4 addresses directly. I’m not seeing how that prevents doing NAT64 on IPv6 addresses.

For example here’s a blog post showing adding a second IPv6 address in a similar situation to allow for NAT64.


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