Gateway assignment vs Router vs Endpoint


I was finally able to unbox my Xenons (3), Argon (3), and Borons (3). During my rush to setup a device I completely forgot about my accessories. So I started building a network with the Argon first in Wifi configuration. Then I added a Xenon. and then another Xenon but this time hooked up the to Ethernet shield. Once I was done, I looked in the console and realized that the gateway is the Argon (setup first) and not the Xenon (using the Ethernet Shield). That left me scratching my head.

Why wouldn’t the Xenon on the shield not assume the Gateway as the Ethernet connection would be a reliable way to act as a Gateway.

As usual I followed the “Connect first, read instructions later” method. Now I wonder, is there some way I can dictate in code which device should be a gateway, repeater or endpoint?

Can a repeater also as an endpoint when needed? Say for example I wanting to hook an actuator to all repeaters and endpoints so when a cloud command to actuate comes in the repeater and endpoint will perform a function?


I’m not exactly sure what you’re experiencing, but I know Particle is still working on the multi-gateway / multi-repeater mesh capabilities.


Currently all nodes are set as repeaters (unless they are a gateway) while still performing endpoint tasks (which gateways also can).
There shouldn’t be any considerable problem in keeping it that way. The benefit of demoting a repeater to be a mere endpoint is just that it’ll never take part in the routing and hence when it goes to sleep (which the current lack of sleep modes prevents) no rerouting/topology rebuild would be required.

Not yet implemented.

As @nrobinson2000 already pointed out, this is not yet supported. But once it is, a network with two or more gateways would be considered a High Availability Network and as such falls in a different price tier. There are proposals to allow multiple potential gateways without the benefit of HA networks in order to stay in the free tier for development - but there was no commitment to any of these so far.

Did you also set the “Use in Ethernet shield” switch in the mobile app?
If you did, the Xenon won’t be able to join an existing network due to the current lack of HA implementation and if you were able to join, the switch wasn’t set :wink:


Yes I did. Thanks for the well thought out answers above.