N00B Question on Dashboard

My dashboard is very simple with only two options: Devices and Logs. Devices appears to work and gives me basic information on my devices (ID, Type, Name - which I can change in dashboard, and Last Connection). Logs, however, does not appear to do anything for me. It is always blank. I’ve even tried to add a simple Particle.publish () command to one of my working programs, but nothing appears in the Logs. Is there a setup routine I need to initiate? Even if my Particle.publish doesn’t work shouldn’t I at least see a log entry when I flash a device? Any thoughts/advice you have would be most welcome! Thanks1

Hi a6pack,
No, no extra setup required. You should see the events published with the Particle.publish(“myEvent”) pop up in the dashboad logs.

A particle can only publish at a maximum rate of 1 event/ seconds, as described in the documentation :

NOTE: Currently, a device can publish at rate of about 1 event/sec, with bursts of up to 4 allowed in 1 second. Back to back burst of 4 messages will take 4 seconds to recover.


What browser are you using?
Have you tried others?
Have you altered some security options that might prevent SSE subscription?
I’m using Chrome on Windows and it works fine.