My small temperature logger project

I want to share with you my first actual Particle Photon project ( Will work with Core as well)

Project uses NTC thermistor as temperature sensor.

Details and software is here -
Video tutorial is here -

Opened to ides and suggestion to improve my little project.



I did something similar using a DHT22 and a Photon. The DHT22 is neat because it also measures humidity and so you can report on both. Here are some suggested enhancements:

  1. Publish your temperature data to Ubidots to provide a graph of temperature changes over time
  2. Create a webpage that will publicly display the temperature
  3. Add an LED to display the temperature visually
  4. Update the page in 2 to allow you to remotely turn the LED on and off

1 and 2 are the simplest since they only require software updates.