Multiple User Management Interface

Hi Community,

I am planning to use Particle for an enablement exercise at my company for about 100 employees. Are there any resources you can provide to help me understand what it would look like for the user’s perspective logging into the Particle Web IDE for an “enterprise” or “School” main account? Or a demo perhaps?

Its unclear to me from my personal login to the particle page how it would look letting 100 Employees manage their own single Board.

Also is there some way to have prefilled account information for a list of the employee email addresses participanting in our “demo excersise”?

I hadn’t thought about the need for each person needing to login to their own particle App, IDE or web console of some kind.

I'd hate to spam your company with 100+ accounts that are likely never to be “real customers” in future.

Thank you!

@Colleen tagging you in!

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