Mouse Freezes After Flashing OneWire Library

My cursor freezes after flashing the one wire library to my spark core.

I’m using the DS18B20 temperature sensor - red connected to 3.3v, black to ground, yellow to D0 - power coming from USB.

This is my basic setup - I’m still using the same resistor as pictured below:

There’s a issue with Windows, USB and the mouse which has a registry fix here:

from this thread:


@mdma Your solution worked for me. Thanks for that!

Summary of Solution

  1. From the Windows “Search” bar (run command prompt on older versions of Windows), search for Regedit.

  2. Find this directory in your registry:

  3. Change the value “Start” from 3 (load on demand) to 4 (disabled)

Credit to @Dave for the solution posted here.