Monitor One Battery Discharge


I am tinkering with the Monitor One and as a stress test I charged the 18650 LiPo and then unplugged the AC adapter to see how long the Monitor One would last running the stock Monitor Edge application firmware. It appears that it lasted approximately 84hrs before browning out.

Unfortunately, after I plugged the AC adapter back in and let it charge up for a few hours; it appears to be stuck in a unrecoverable state. I haven't had a chance to exhaustively try and recover it. But it looks like it may be a similar problem that the Electron had.

Hey @t.gaze, sorry you are having an issue with your Monitor One. Are you able to share some logs from the device?

Hi @t.gaze,

I had the same issue on my Tracker One as you can follow up in this thread:

If you haven't done I can only recommend checking out the fix that was released. Maybe you can apply it to your system, too.