Help Understand Electron Cloud Connect Behavior

I have been working on a project that uses the asset tracker to wake up / sleep based on detected motion. All is working well in that regard. In testing in areas where the cell service is very weak, I observed the electron trying to connect for long periods of time, to the point of draining the battery.

Ideally the goal would be to short circuit the amount of time the electron takes to connect to the cloud and just go to sleep for a bit of time and retry later. I’m not sure of the approach, but I began looking at SYSTEM_MODE(); and its flavors. I’m not sure this is the best approach tho.

With respect to any “best practice” (formal or informal), how should I approach this?

@n8xja, there are lots of topics covering this. I would suggest looking at @RWB’s great posts on both the connectivity and battery management aspects.