E-Series stopps connecting to cloud

so i have an E-Series.
Whenever it tries to connect to the cloud, blinking very fast blue, or even before (blinking green), it randomly stops the led and the charging status led starts blinking fast red.

I have to reset the board, and then it starts doing the same again.

What can I read out of this behaviour? Why is the charging led blinkin?


I have seen this on my Electrons when I had bad contact on the LiPo (e.g. corrosion).
However, this should not really interfere with the connection (unless the LiPo cannot provide high enough current to boost the radio signal).

I figured the problem. It was because i was using system.sleep() in the main loop(). After putting a


in the setup(), it worked. I guess before it was rushing through the setup() without connecting properly to the cloud, and when waking up to write data to it, there was no connection.

Concerning the while loop solution: if it is for some reason not possible to connect to the cloud it will stay forever in the loop. Are there any guidelines for having a proper connecting routine when using sleep mode inside the main loop.? I guess that is quite often the case when using the particle for data aggregation in iot solutions.


This is not how this should be done.
The better option to achieve the same thing is waitUntil(Particle.connected)

To address this there is an alternative way with a timeout option: waitFor(Particle.connected, timeout).

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