Electron doesn't connect to cloud unless reset is press

I have made a simple custom board with a e-series electron.

When I power the device via a 2.500mAh battery the system always gets stuck on the blinking green LED. If I press RESET the system reboots as expected and it successfully connects (led: green for some seconds and the blue).

I’m running OS 1.0.1 with no code (empty setup(){} and loop(){} functions).

Thanks for your help

If this could help. I read 4.2v on the LiPo pin. And for some reasons I cannot explain a 1.8v both on VIN and VBUS, although no USB nor external Vin is plugged.

You might want to share your board schematic.

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Here’s the schematic. I honestly don’t understand why I have a 1.8v on VIN and VBUS, when the USB cable is unplugged (powered by battery only). Could that play a role in my connection issue?

I also noticed that Particle it indeeds connects after a long time. While it always connect (blue light) very quickly when I press the reset button.