Modules/Tabs in Web IDE?

Hello. I am developing a fairly complex firmware for Argon/Boron using VS Code + Particle Workbench plugin. I have different parts arranged in different modules/tabs/files inside VS code including the source files and a header file for each. I am using .cpp and .hpp extensions on the modules/files and using the .ino file having same name as the project for main and setup.

I presently do all updates to the device via USB from VS Code.

How do I transfer this project to the Particle Web IDE so I can use it to remote update the deployed devices? All I can see in the Web IDE interface is a single page of code with no way to add a folder or new tabs/files/etc.

Thank you.

Have you considered this option :wink: ?

Following Moors7 lead, before transfer to Web IDE, try the following using VSC to load your firmware/deviceOS on your devices via OTA:

First, run the following command. Be sure to enter the correct “Target Device ID / Name” -
Particle: Configure Project for Device

Second, run -
Particle: Clean application & DeviceOS (local)

Third, compile using the command -
Particle: Cloud Compile

Next, confirm your project settings by reviewing the blue bar at bottom of screen. Starting at center going left to right, check your settings (hover for these descriptions): Active Particle Platform, Active Device OS Version, Your Target Device ID / Name.

If your project settings are correct, then, while your particular Argon/Boron device is breathing cyan, flash project via OTA using the command -
Particle: Cloud Flash

Hopefully :wink:, this should load your deployed device remotely.

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@Moors7 and @robc

Thank you. I didn’t realize I could start a cloud update from the VS Code interface. That’s cool.

Is there a way to still create the project in the web IDE with the tabs/modules?

I have a client that isn’t super savvy on the code side. I would like to move the project to the web IDE anyway and save the project there, so he can open it and edit a few things from time to time then re-load to the live device from the web IDE if needed. So he doesn’t need VS Code and all that on his local machine.

Thanks again for the help!

Your browser should have a (+) in the top right corner that allows you to add .cpp and .h files.

Here is more information on Web IDE.