Modify this to use a photoresistor...logic behind the wiring

Hello! I have this boron…

This is accompanied by some code to make it blink. It’s just the default blink tutorial code that particle gives in the documentation. (As an aside, there’s very little boron specific tutorials which is a shame).

I’m very noob at this. I am looking at this wiring and am trying ot add a photoresistor to this example. In the bottom left of the picture you’ll see a transistor and a photoresistor just not being used. Ignore them for now.

My question is, can someone explain the wiring logic here? It’s blinking, and working. It took a bit of effort but I got it working. But as I’m trying to add a photoresistor, where there’s much less documentation, I find myself struggling. From what I see, the red jumper wire is next to the ground part of the boron (row 11). That’s attached to the negative (-) in the top right corner. Then a transistor from negative to positive…and an LED bulb on D7 (and the short end of the LED in the positive (+) part of the breadboard.

I’m looking at this and I just don’t know “why” it works. The workings behind it. Because I look at my photoresistor and wonder how I can add that. The ground is already being used, and I don’t really know how to set it up. What’s the logic in general for wiring? What goes where? What are rules of thumb to follow? It’s incredibly frustrating that the documentation on particle is really only centered around argon -

I look at the examples and couldn’t translate it into my boron - I had to go to another website for a boron specific example.

Happy I got my first blink example working, even if it took longer than expected :slight_smile: .

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