Help with Argon/Boron + LED strip from Blynk

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to Particle and am setting up Argon and Boron boards to control LEDs via the gpio. I got it working with the neopixel library using the D2 pin right away…

I’m now attempting to use Blynk to control the LED’s and am struggling to understand how to connect their virtual pins control to my physical board. I have loaded the blynk libraries onto my boards, and can seem them in their UI.

Is there any default pin I should use to output my color values to an LED strip using the Blynk library? I am trying D2 but maybe I have to define where the LED’s are attached in the blynk library on my particle boards?

Any advice here is much appreciated! I’m stuck…

Thank you for the help!!

Hi Roboot-

Welcome to the Particle community! I don’t see an issue with using D2 but I’ve always used D6 in the past with blynk. Have you checked your wiring?Are you sure the correct power is going to your Boron?

Hi Colleen

Yes the wiring is correct… I’m actually not even able to get the Particle.ino file to control the onboard Particle LED. I can see the board is connected in Blynk, but no color change.

In the particle.ino on the Particle Web IDE , the comment tells how to set things up and what it does:…

“// Attach a ZeRGBa widget (mode: Merge) to the Virtual pin 2 - and control the built-in RGB led!”

When I do this, I can interact with blynk to send RGB values, but nothing changes on my Argon.

I wonder, is the code library in the Particle Web IDE Blynk 1.xx? Maybe that’s the issue b/c I see they moved to a new codebase (blynk a few months ago.

Is anyone able to get the basic Blynk example on the particle Web IDE to work? It should control the onboard LED

Hi Rob- Blynk is working for me on my Argon. Can you share the errors you’re getting?