Mobile app IDE and cloud, local calls

Hello guys.

I am looking in to building a mobile app for my project, what i am wondering about
is what would be the best tool for me.

I am new to this so i will learn while i make the project.
I have searched alot on this forum and found out about two
I would like an tool that works for all device ( cross platform ), in the forum this two have been mentioned.

let me explain my app project.
I will have two situations.

  1. Company will buy the product - a: It should be connected to particle cloud so my company and their company can log in and check what is happening.
    b: An mobile app where they can get push notifications, it should only be readable value. no write. i.e Button was pressed or flow over limit notification etc.
    c: Should also work only on local WIFI.

  2. Private person buy it - a: There should be no particle cloud involved,
    b: the app needs to be able to set photon WIFI up and be able to read value from the photon in the same manner as above: it should only be readable value. no write. i.e Button was pressed or flow over limit notification etc.

So it not a high-tech app but hard enough for me to do but i figure its a good place to start atleast.

So i found out that here is a softap-setup-js that i can use for the WIFI,
but i cant find anything about being able to read values from the photon when the Cloud is not used,
Can anyone point out some info about this?

Also i need help to figure which IDE i should use, which would be best for my needs you think?

mr msolters have done something similar in meteor so i might start here.
Will i be able to do what im asking for in meteor, i am unsure about the reading value from a local WIFI, all tutorial have included the particle.publish method etc, and that needs the cloud?

last, maybe particle already have a good solution for this? Why should i invent the wheel again if something nice already exist, however the mobile app mentioned in the documentations is not cross platform so then i need to learn alot of new programs while i rather only learn one :smile:

Sorry for many questions.


I can try to answer this but I need to know a bit more about you / this project first.

To better answer this one it would help to know more about you. What languages are you familiar developing with? If you have C# experience and are willing to give Xamarin a shot, I can guide you thought some of the things.

other things that would help to know:

What level of mobile app development experience do you have?
What platforms are you wishing for this to run on?

What you want to do is doable, but to better address your other questions / points I need to know the above things first this some involve some more advanced parts of mobile development

Hello and thank you for your reply.
I had to rethink everything i wanted done :slight_smile:

I now know that i can use the web library to create a HTML that can have values locally on the photon.
But i have investigating the cloud part and realize i don’t really need the local values since i can handle end user in a certain organization.

I have basically no skill in programming but i do have understanding on how it works.
So for me it don’t matter if i use c#, Java script etc i will learn as i go, the best is that it do exist tutorials and howto :slight_smile:

on they have example apps for either iPhone or android but then i need the whole environment for both
and also need to learn 2 different ways.

I would rather use one language/IDE where i can create 1 app that works for all platforms, Iphone, Android, Windows phone (I guess those are enough for today).

What i need is in theory very easy.
1 . I have a few inputs that monitor some PIN, if those PIN goes high i want a notification about it on the phone
2. I want visuals that the PIN has gone high.
3. I want a way in my app for user to change wifi network etc on the photon.

So i have read on that i can do those things with the iphone and andriod examples on the site but i guess i should be able to do the same with for example Xamarin or some javascript program.

I read about SoftAP and guess i can include it, also i know there are some basic example to use Meteor to do that.
Since i do not have any any experience with the said tool which would be the easiest to use to create what i want and at the same time learn to program some with the photon because i think im here to stay :slight_smile:


Did you have your questions answered?


PS-I am curious about this specific one:

Hello Saamerm.

Not really, but i know in the last firmware they have the softap included i have not been able to play around with it as of yet so not sure how it works. Also in their Iphone/android SDK you have this built in. THere is a thread here on the forum somwhere where they talk about how to include the softap to java sdk and also on a webserver so make a search for it.

Hope it helps.


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