Missing some pins when migrating from P1 to P0

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We are planning to replace P1 with P0 for our G/W product. We supposed that P0 and P1 were almost the same except for the antenna. Unfortunately, we found some pins are missing on P0. They are labelled as P1S0 to P1S5 on P1, corresponding to the GPIO PB0, PB1, PC0, PC4, PC13 and PC1 of STM32 respectively. Could somebody give us some information or advice on this?

Of course, we can modify our software to avoid using these pins. But we are wondering if there are more differences between P0 and P1 than we knew. Anyway, we suffered the poor documentation of P0 :frowning:

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I’m confused. The P1 came after the P0. but you say “migrating from P1 to P0”
Why would you want to go back in time to use an older part.

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Two considerations. 1. P0 is smaller, which gives us more flexibility on PCB design. 2. we want to use an external antenna. Thanks.

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p.s. Could the 6 missing pins be these NC ones? Are they available?

While the actual STM32 pins corresponding to P1S0 - P1S4 are exposed on the P0, they’re used for things like the RGB LED and other GPIO, so they’re not really available.

While the P1 has 64 pads (not counting the ground pads in the middle), the P0 only has 54. There are a bunch of GPIO that are not exposed on the P0.

Thank you for your information.

Do you have any idea where I can find the datasheet or pinout of P0? Actually, I wrote to Particle a few weeks ago in this regards, but didn’t get any feedback :frowning:

Thanks again.

Technically the P0 datasheet is covered by NDA from USI, the company that makes the module. However, if you Google usi wm-n-bm-09 you can find it easily. It’s surprisingly light on useful information, but it does have more information about the pins.

Thank you for the cue. Cheers.

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