Missing permissions for access Xenon

Can someone explain what happening here?
Xenon is allways in blue blink mode, after reset going throw safe, dfu ( not workung), local (white) and stucs in blue. Can’t setup, can’t connect, but program inside works. Fw is 1.5.2. Program works without cloud (LOCAL).

I’m not sure about the permissions error, but setup done doesn’t do anything on the Xenon unless it’s in an Ethernet FeatherWing. If the device boots normally in MANUAL or SEMI_AUTOMATIC with mesh networking off, then it’s working properly.

In order to allow it to work with networking enabled, you’d need to set up a mesh networking using an Argon or Boron as a gateway. It’s most likely going into listening mode because the mesh network has not been set up or the configuration was lost.

After reset boots first safe few seconds and dfu few seconds and local few seconds and listen mode blue but is not responsive on usb. Can’t enter in stable dfu mode to reprogram.

Here is a video

Can you take the Xenon out of board?
Xenon’s cannot cloud connect unless mesh is setup to a gateway device.
You can see what is going on in the console.

Isn’t the Missing permissions to access the USB device a problem with your PC?

Once out of the board I might suggest putting it in dfu util mode (flashing yellow) and using Particle flash --usb to load the device OS and bootloader (–serial) and tinker and then try doing setup using the Particle App and an assisting device (Argon or Xenon with ethernet shield).

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Hi @armor,
Unfortualy i can’t remove Xenon from board without damege, I tryed once.
I have 30 Argons and 20 Xenons, but this one refuses to cooperate and have strange behaivor. With reset/mode buttons I can’t put in dfu mode.

Other board with Xenon works fine.
I can try only to check if board have some shortcut or resistance to vcc on mode hardware pin and forsing board to listnening mode.

Too bad about removal - I always use headers.
It could be the Xenon has failed or that your board has a fault (pin shorted). Without being able to remove from the PCB and isolate it then you are a bit stuck.

Fixed. There is remain of sildering paste between 3.3v and mode pin. Resistence is 15k, but normal is 220k. I removed paste, and everything works fine.
So lesson is learned: remove all remain paste from pcb before power up.

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