Missing library's

I need to use an LPS35HW and a TCA9548A I2C multiplexer, but can’t find the library’s.

SparkFun_I2C_Mux_Arduino_Library should work for the TCA9548A.

It doesn’t appear that anyone has ported the Adafruit LP35HW library, but it’s easy if you use Particle Workbench:

  • Download the source from the Adafruit Github.
  • In your project directory in Workbench, create a lib directory if it doesn’t already exist
  • Copy the library source so the entire Adafruit_LPS35HW directory is in lib
  • Create a src directory inside lib/Adafruit_LPS35HW
  • Move Adafruit_LPS35HW.cpp and Adafruit_LPS35HW.h into lib/Adafruit_LPS35HW/src
  • #include "Adafruit_LPS35HW.h" in your main source file

it works thanks!


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