Mikrotik RouterOS wifi connection problems


I am using Mikrotik RouterOS v6.7 with WPA2 PSK dynamic-keys unicast/group ciphers aes-ccm

I have no issues with many other Wifi clients.

During LED green flash Spark Core Wifi connection flaps 3 times - see router log:
01:39:42 wireless,info 08:00:28:56:D7:51@wlan1: connected
01:39:47 wireless,info 08:00:28:56:D7:51@wlan1: disconnected, unicast key exchange timeout
01:39:47 wireless,info 08:00:28:56:D7:51@wlan1: connected
01:39:52 wireless,info 08:00:28:56:D7:51@wlan1: disconnected, unicast key exchange timeout
01:39:59 wireless,info 08:00:28:56:D7:51@wlan1: connected
01:40:04 wireless,info 08:00:28:56:D7:51@wlan1: disconnected, unicast key exchange timeout

Any idea how to fix that please ?

Then Spark Core LED starts flash cyan - Spark Core is not connected to Wifi, co it can not even try to connect to cloud - that status indication is wrong and should be fixed.

During short Wifi connected interval Spark Core manages to set IP via DHCP.

Hi @michal,

Maybe someone more familiar with the Mikrotik routers can help, but a quick googling of that error message turned up this thread:

It sounds like other people with that router and those settings have had issues with other wifi clients?

Hi Dave,

there were issues 5 years and 3 major version ago with WPA2 and WPA2+WSD, but that is not case for long time now. I googled a litle bit of course :wink:

I have NO PROBLEMS with that setup with various Wifi clients:

So it is not RouterOS issue probably.


Hi @michal,

The most recent posts in that thread are from December of this year, so it seemed like it could be relevant. Maybe we can narrow down what specific configuration is causing the issue. Are you using a very long key per-chance?

Hi @Dave,

20 random characters key

Hi @michal & @Dave

Did you get to the bottom of this? I also use Mikrotik and this could be the reason I have never been able to get my core to work!


Hi @abrown007,

I have not been able to put Spark core into operation on Mikrotik Wifi connectivity.
Problem is somehow related to Spark core because other TI CC3000 modules connets without problems. Unfortunately there is not enough informative debug/troubleshoot info available in current implementation from Spark core to figure out what is going on during connectivity problems in Spark core/CC3000.

I have issues with Spark core connectivity on corporate Cisco Wifi APs with Cisco Wireless Controller, from Cisco debug info it seams there are some timeout values setup issues in Spark core.

It semas there is not enough users in Spark core community to fix issues on enterprise wifi setups, so I discontinued Spark core pilot unfortunately and I am using other vendor modules now.


Certain aspects of enterprise networks the CC3000 can’t support, types of security etc.

Make sure you’re using a US wifi channel (1-11), and that you’re using the latest firmware on both the core and on the Mikrotik access point.

@abrown007 - which router / software version are you using? Maybe we could try to get our hands on one and test it out.