Microwave oven monitoring device


Which is the best sensors to monitor the microwave oven is using or not, I have planning to setup a device to monitor the microwave oven using photon.

Questions for the “best” option are always difficult to answer.
What do you consider best?

  • cheapest
  • simplest
  • direct/indirect
  • most professional

And even these come in multiple flavours, depending on how you plan do distinguish the appliance’s state (interior light, front display, power draw, …).

One quick and dirty approach would be a light sensor (e.g. photo resistor) glued to the front display (at a strategically suitable spot).


Thank you for your response.
Its small project and trying to do in the simplest way. We have many oven with display and without display. Photo sensor is not suitable for the use.

Which is the sensor for interior light monitor. ?

Getting inside the microwave may be tricky without running the risk of interference, microwave leakage and - if not qualified - electric hazards.
You could maybe use a photo resistor/diode/transistor or some dedicated light sensor (like this) looking through the glass door.

More “professional” solutions would require opening the microwave, but without insight about your qualifications in that field we are hesitant to give advice to avoid risk and liability.

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A non-intrusive current sensor on the cabling might give you insight into its on/off states as well.

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Thank you.
Which is the best non-intrusive current sensor to use with Photon ?

Muhammed Anas