Mesh range / external antenna?

@sean13, the range is very dependent on obstacles such as walls and floors. I first arrange Xenon “risers” as my Xenon/Ethernet gateway is in the basement. These risers are in good line-of-sight with the gateway and reliably maintain their connections. I then arrange a Xenon that connects well on the ground floor. This Xenon will be used the the ground floor devices. Finally, I setup a Xenon on the 2nd floor, again making sure I have a reliable connection to the ground floor riser Xenon. You get the idea. I don’t yet have enough Xenons to create a 10-node mesh yet.

I have not seen any antenna recommendation from Particle as of yet. Your choice however seems to fit the bill though so it is worth trying.

One thing I have done so far is to NOT do Particle Cloud operations on the Xenon mesh and instead keep them to Mesh pub/sub. All Cloud operations are done on the gateway instead with results sent to the mesh via Mesh.publish(). For now, I have found the mesh more stable and reliable with this approach.

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