Hub-spoke mesh design question

If you consider a mesh network as a hub and spoke topology (from a logical perspective), the Argon could be the hub and Xenon could be the spoke.

My question is this: From a resources perspective (network traffic, processor util, time, etc), is it better for each individual spoke to perform a Particle.publish call and have the data pass through the hub and onto the Internet, or is it better for each spoke to Mesh.publish the data to a single Argon, who then performs the Particle.publish as a proxy?

My initial thought is that it would be more efficient to have the spoke perform the Particle.publish…but I don’t have enough Xenon’s to perform any sort of realistic testing.

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The decision at the moment has more to do with stability than with resources, although that could change in future.

@peekay123 has an earlier response here that should help you out, with the link followed by the specific quote:

@cyclin_al Thanks for the reference. Hopefully over time we will build up enough collective test data to make the decision based on the best resource utilization and not worry about stability.

In my other mesh networking experiences the spokes didn’t have the capability to directly send data to the Internet and were forced to send it through a gateway. That worked fine as long as the gateway had enough horsepower to do its network maintenance tasks as well as be the traffic cop for all of the spokes.