Maximum number of nodes in Particle Mesh

Been doing some searching, but can’t seem to find a documented answer for this. Is there a maximum number of supported nodes in Particle Mesh? If it’s based on the BLE mesh spec, I believe it should be 32,767, but it’s not clear that is actually the case.

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You seem to be asking about the theoretical max number of nodes. I can’t speak to that, but as an anecdotal poitn there are users who report issues at around 50 (c.f. Way to automatically powercycle if can't connect to mesh network?). Even at 50, they’re already seeing creakiness in the toolkit, so the practical and theoretical limits might be hugely different.

Hmm, that seems to limit the usability of the mesh quite a bit to just using SIM cards more effectively.

You may want to look at the Particle Mesh announcement!


Haha, that answers that I guess.

A little late on this one, but @Spinnaker you are right about the theoretical limits. That was what I wanted to explore over the last few months.

I was able to get at least 50 on Thread alone. At ~20, the network would begin to fall over if they were all connected to the Particle network. So I disconnected them from Particle, and the network size rose considerably. Before I could test hundreds of devices, we got the announcement this week.

From others, I have heard the rumor that some have tested hundreds together - but I haven’t seen hard evidence on this. That leaves the theoretical number still theoretical until a chip mfg or someone with deep pockets wants to thousands-10k+ at a time and publish the results.

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