Margin on data or support fee

I’m currently in the early stages of developing a product. I’m looking to charge my customers a nominal monthly fee to be able to use the device and for support. Given Particle already have all the infrastructure components such as billing, web portal etc. I’m wondering if there is a way to avoid having to setup the infrastructure for this myself.
I’m wondering if there is room to have customers charged a ‘device access fee’ or similar through Particle. This way the customer pays say $2.99 / mo for data + $5 /mo for device access and support. Particle can then send me the $5?
Obviously the other solution is to manage and charge the $5 /mo myself however that means handling all the infrastructure issues, credit cards, account keeping components that relate to credit cards.
It would be much easier for both me and my customers if all charges came from the Particle Cloud.

Great question!

For a product, Particle will charge you the 2.99 a month per device. You’ll have to manage payments from your customers.

I use Stripe, It’s very easy to setup and handles all the infrastructure for you.

that 2.99 a month is after how many users

2.99/sim/1mb/month depending on location. If you go over the limit, you’ll be charged extra. Exact details on pricing can be found on the website :slight_smile:

For USA the following prices are charged:

2.99 per electron for the first 99

2.49 per electron for 100 to 499

The pricing table is a the bottom of this page:

ooh you mean data yeah I know. Also when you make a product with the photon after 100 units you need to pay from $0.22 to $0.14 per device per month. Not sure if that also applies to the electron

The data and per particle licence fees I was across. The stripe concept looks promising (thanks brandongoode) although having customers have to maintain a payment to Particle and to Stripe (or from within my associated app) isn’t ideal. If I’m the customer I’ll wonder why I have to pay for this (my) product using two different sites and methods.

Particle is a great platform. I expect many people will be looking to have their own recurring revenue from their products and payment from customers within 1 place would be ideal. Maybe Particle could integrate Stripe or similar in the future…

Thanks again for Stripe. I might look to have my ‘app’ to be a premium feature requiring an additional payment or something similar to handle the two payment provider issue.

If I’m a customer, I’ll also be wondering why I’d have to pay someone else (Particle) for a product they didn’t make (yours).
I think the general idea is that the creator collects payment for their products, and in turn pays Particle since they’re the one using the connection/managing them.


@Jean-Pierre Not sure about any per unit cost. I’m only aware of the $55 per team member and the data costs.

I think the general idea is that the creator collects payment for their
products, and in turn pays Particle since they’re the one using the
connection/managing them.

I think I understand what your saying here. For clarity, I’m only talking about the ongoing monthly service. I obviously expect to handle the initial one off sale of the device to the client myself.

How do you handle that well? Let’s say I bill my customers for everything and then pay Particle for the data connection for my customers. Does this mean I have to activate every data card for my clients, have my CC charged for their data usage and then in turn bill my clients for their usage + my services fee.

With my product it’s very possible for a client to use more than the included 1MB which also means I would have to monitor the usage on each data card and on bill.

This scenario also means that I become somewhat liable for their usage which isn’t ideal. I’d need to make sure I got paid and if not then make sure Particle didn’t charge my card for their usage.

I don’t think this works unless I’ve missed what you are suggesting.

I guess if you didn’t get payed your own fee you’d take measures to either cancel their services or employ a bailiff :wink:
You should also be able to set a data limit if you are the SIM owner

ooh this is for the Electron :joy: I thought it was for the photon ok well I have some experience here. I have talked to particle about this and they say that they are working on a sim management tool but right now you would have to use your account for the every unit. this means that you need to check that your customer has payed you before particle charges you for the next month. As of right now it’s really hard to manage your Electron base product. I’m just hoping that when I’m ready to lunch my product they have the sim tools ready if not I would have to do it the hard way :confused: