Managing Firmware for Multiple Development Environments, dev, pre-prod, prod, etc

So I have a pretty strong background in traditional web developement, and managing configurations for the different envs.

I’m wondering what some of the best practices are for managing configuration variables and such for firmware and hardware development in general.

Would love to hear peoples experiences.

Thanks, Chris

Bump; would love an answer to this.

In our case, we have staging and prod servers both communicating with the Particle; as of right now, they share authentication keys and operate on the same Particle account, which means there’s a risk that we forget to delete a device on Staging that’s been added to Prod and we end up with a situation where both Prod and Staging servers are trying to update device state.

Is there an idiomatic approach for handling this doesn’t involve a lot of overhead of multiple accounts and manual copy/pasting of keys as devices are migrated from Staging to Prod? I’m thinking there must be some pattern that involves the new(ish) Particle Console and Products, or something to that effect.