Large run product firmware

I know you can have particle set up and flash your firmware before shipping if every product has the same firmware. Mine will all have the same firmware, except for the publish and subscribe functions, anyone have some input on the best way to go about this? So far I’ve been changing them one at a time and flashing as needed, is this the best way?

In what way do they differ?
If it’s a systematic difference it can be coded :wink:

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Basically serialized publishes and matching subscribes for a pair. Are you thinking a batch file like we would do in dos? Or is there a better way?

You could pair the devices by name. This can be done in the cloud without altering the firmware.
The name is requestable by code too.
Or you could use a post flash step where you provide the event prefix via USB or cloud to store in EEPROM.
You could use the device ID of one side and only tell the other to store in EEPROM, this way you’d only need to touch one of the pair.

Just to name a few :wink:

I’ll have to do some research, I need to make sure there wouldn’t be any overlap, the data sent with the publish would be pretty detrimental to our product if another unit picked it up.