MAC address without wifi connected

Because of the target market of our product, some of our customers will need to know the MAC address before the Photon can connect to the internet. Is there a way to access the MAC address before the wifi is connected. When I try to get the MAC address before connection, I get all zeros.

In SYSTEM_MODE(SEMI_AUTOMATIC) or MANUAL, you need to turn WiFi.on() before you can retrieve the MAC address. This won’t attempt to connect to Wi-Fi, it just turns on the module.


Thanks for the quick response!

@alex.bussiere We put the MAC address on the product labels since lots of customers use ‘white list’ control of access to WAPs. We get this during the provisioning process by plugging the photon into the USB and opening a serial terminal, once connected if you type ‘i’ you will get the device ID and ‘m’ gives you the MAC address! This information goes into an excel together with the product code and other configuration details. The label printer works off the CSV files export from the excel.