MAC address of spark core

I watched the getting started video on Vimeo. Is the iPhone app available? Will the MAC address of the spark core be readily available so I can configure my network which utilizes MAC address filtering?

@rcsportpilot the app is available here for iPhone:

The MAC address is unique for each CC3000 module, but you can just easily create your own as well. If you do overwrite the factory default it’s gone forever, unless you back it up first in non-volatile memory. See more info here:

It’s possible to write a little helper function in Spark Core firmware that would make retrieving/setting the MAC address easy as pie for all users. I don’t believe this is implemented yet but @zach or @zachary will have to confirm.

We’re using Texas Instrument’s set-up app right now, our own iPhone app is still in development. The MAC address will be available as @BDub said, and adding a helper function to retrieve and set it seems like a simple addition, although it likely won’t be available on release. I’ll add it to our feature backlog, and if anyone wants it earlier than we can get to it, hopefully someone will issue a pull request (hint, hint) :wink:

How do I make that request then?

A ‘pull request’ is a method for contributing code to a project through Github:

Once we open source the Spark Core firmware, we’ll open it up to pull requests; that’s how we’ll manage code contributions by the community.

I also use MAC address filtering on my wifi network - was this feature implemented?

Yes, it has been; if you use Network.macAddress(mac) you can get it. Follows the same syntax as Arduino’s WiFi.macAddress():

Feature was added recently so it hasn’t been documented yet; let us know if that works for you.