LTC2943 Multicell Fuel Gauge

I have modded/ported the "Linduino"LTC2943 library provided by LT and published it to Particle.
I’m getting convincing looking numbers out of the features I am using… If someone wants to adopt it, give me some feedback, give it a Github home etc that’s always good. I’ve left it pretty much as it came apart from stripping out all their custom I2C stuff.
However it seems to me there are other changes one might make:

  • Making the LT2943 an object and all the value properties thereof might be more in keeping with other libraries
  • The functions include the I2C address but that is fixed, so why not hardcode it?

The LTC2943 is a coulomb counting fuel gauge chip for a multiple cells (not restricted to Li-Ion) up to 20V, it measures Current, voltage, chip temperature & charge and uses a fairly simple circuit.


Thanks for the information! I hope someone takes you up on it!