LTC2943 - Gas Gauge with Temperature, Voltage and Current Measurement

Hi, I am having issues with setting up the LTC2943. The bruise on my head where I keep hitting it on the table is getting bigger every day.

I have searched the entire net, but am yet to find a suitable working example to get the LTC2943 up and running on the Electron. There are libraries in particle but it is beyond my capability.

If anyone is able to assist in getting the LTC2943 to work I would be very happy. I am also more then happy to give you $$$ for your assistance and once the code is working, I’ll upload it to GitHub and give back to the community so they don’t face the issues that I am having.

Thanks in advance.


Have you seen this post (over a year ago)?

@ScruffR Thanks, Yes I did. Searched high and low. Still had no luck getting it to work. My coding abilities are pretty limited but generally, I can modify working code to suit my needs, but I don’t have the ability to write code from scratch unless it is really basic.

Maybe @Viscacha is still around to chime in to address any issues (which can’t be posted to his repo as the Web IDE doesn’t seem to expose it).

Can you provide some extra info about the way how his library is not working?
It’s always difficult to debug without knowing what to look for :wink: (especially if one hasn’t got the hardware to test with).

Thanks @ScruffR after many hours, I have it working. It’s messy… but works :slight_smile:

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Good to hear, sorry I was away on holiday and the project I use this library is has been on some kind of holiday too.
IIRC the functions don’t do much more than expose the queries you send the chip and translate those numbers into something meaningful. That leaves several jobs to handle when you use it including the fact the charge value can “roll over” if the battery has a higher capacity than advertised and the fact a coulomb counting charger has no idea how much charge is in a battery when it starts the process, so fully charged detection and some kind of charge level guesswork for the fist charge seem wise.
If anyone wants to tell me how to fix whatever is stopping this library behave the way it needs to for the IDE or otherwise fix I’m all ears.


@Viscacha Thanks for your info. I am not the one to tell you what the fix is… I barely just got the reading function working.