Low cost laser cutting


can anyone recommend a low cost laser cutting service? I’ve designed a case that needs to be cut from layers of 3mm acrylic. However, the few services I’ve looked at are very cheap for materials but the laser cutting charges made the end product very expensive (for a home project that is).

I wondered if I was just being unrealistic or if there are cheaper services out there …

Thanks for any recommendations,


Never tried but - http://www.seeedstudio.com/service/index.php?r=lasercutting

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One of a kind projects are always going to be VERY expensive.

I use https://www.ponoko.com/ for laser cutting. It is about as cheap as it gets, while providing good quality and Maker friendly service.

Realistically, enclosure price is part of your whole design process… I STARTED my last project by visiting my local $1 store and picking out a picture frame to hold my design, and designed the PCB around it. I now need some sensor enclosures, so back to the Dollar store or Walmart or Target I go to find it. I may need a custom laser cut insert, but it is one piece instead of a whole assembly.


Thanks for the replies. I forgot to mention that I’m in the UK. The Ponoko service looks like its the same company as Razorlab in the UK who I’ve already tried. It worked out at around £60 for a small case. This might not sound that much but I need to eventually make 4-8 units and when I add in the cost of the electronics it comes to quite a lot for a hobby project.

The Seeedstudio site looks like it would be cheaper on the laser cutting but then adding the shipping and customs charges on would mean that the total cost would also work out quite costly.


If you’re lucky, there might be a fablab somewhere in your neighborhood. I’ve got one at my university, where everyone is allowed to use the equipment.

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Hi Mat,

I’ve got a laser cutter capable of cutting up to 600 x 400mm.

Message me with your requirements.



Thanks for all the replies. I’d not considered a fablab, to be honest I didn’t know they existed! I’ve discovered that there is one not too far away that just charges a fee to show you how to use the equipment.

In the end I simplified the design of the case to just a top and bottom plate and ordered from Razorlab. This brought the cost down significantly and will suffice for now. I’ll probably revisit the case in the future once I’ve got everything working.

I’m pretty sure my case design will change once I’ve tested the product a bit and I’ve now got some good options for the future,

Thanks again.

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Can anyone recommend a good laser cutter under 2,000~3,000 USD? (or around that)

@avidan or @AndyW might know(?)

I have an Epilog Zing 35W unit, I have no idea what street price for a used unit would be.

Pay attention to the hours that the laser has operated if you are buying used.

Plan for a compressed air feed and direct exhaust fan.

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Thank you.
What would a price for a new one be @AndyW ?

Somewhere around $10K, give or take a few thousand.

if you are willing to play the china import game, i love my gweike. they provide a lot of the whitelabel stuff you buy in the USA…

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¿Any suggestions on this end?

Thanks Andy. As always!

my gweike lg500 90w with water cooler was sub 4k


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Any comments on this?

Found this today… Might be of interest!

That looks awesome! great advert video for it too

Wonder if my dad will go halves in one for his birthday!