Looking for WiFi+LTE+2G Solution

Hello, all!
I’m looking for a WiFi+LTE+2G+GPS solution, preferably on a single board. If an embedded FOTA mechanism is available, even better :slight_smile:
Does Particle offer such a solution you could recommend me?

I’m not sure you are going to find a board that has LTE, and another cellular product on it. Pycom has some products that have multiple radios on a single board, though I haven’t used one so I can’t speak to their reliability.

Hi Mjones :slight_smile:
Pycom doesn’t support 2G. Their solution is elegant, and I’m now checking if a workaround is possible, but I have heard good things about Particle as well, and hoped they offer a solution.
There a re plenty of cellular modules that offer LTE with 2G fallaback, but they lack WIFI…

@ilan_sw, 2G is being phased out quickly everywhere and 3G will following within 3 to 5yrs max IMO. Particle does not have what you are looking for based on your very “lite” description of requirements.
You may want to consider using an ESP32 (WiFi/BLE) with a SIM7000 (LTE Cat-M1/GPRS). The use of 2G goes against the low power approach of LTE Cat-M1. I am assuming that when you indicated LTE, you meant LTE CAT-M1 and not the type of LTE you find in cell phones. If this is not the case, then you need to consider other products entirely.

The problem with anything 2G is that most major carriers have either ended their life, or have a scheduled end of life by 2020 at the latest. This means most manufacturers probably aren’t going to put money into a system that won’t be around in 2 years. Even 3G will have an EOL soon, though I would expect it to last at least 5 years out, depending on 5G adoption. Regardless, I don’t think the board you’re looking for exists.

@peekay123, @Mjones The thing is that I must have a 2G fallback for the several upcoming years, I’m not living in the most advanced country imaginable, it will take time until CAT1 and NB are trustworthy enough and 2G is dropped…
Indeed, my other option is to get some ARM MCU, ESP32 and a cellular module (Telit /Quectel / Botletics) and assemble the solution myself. I wanted to see if I can get an “all-in-one” with a single support package. This can get things much cheaper and simpler.
The SIM7000 you speak of - do you have a particular model you can recommend? (The ESP32 is without doubt the go-to WiFi solution)

Like I said, I haven’t used any of their products so I can’t recommend any of them. I believe they do have a forum similar to this community though, so you may go on there and see what everyone is recommending.

@ilan_sw, from the SimCom description, you are looking for the SIM7000E it would seem. As for the ESP32 being a goto solution for WiFi, this is where Particle is different in that it offers a complete backend for fleet management, OTA, etc. Regardless, I wish you luck in your project!