Looking for help with fried Electron

Through the 3.7V battery power interface (using variable DC power supply, not the actual battery) I was testing with voltage set to 04.10v (all good) and watching the amperage fluctuate as the radio cycled on and off while running my code. Very interesting. Then I fumbled and accidentally changed the voltage to 14.10v, causing a power surge to the Electron. Completely my mistake. This immediately shorted the battery interface. In fact, even in its unpowered state, the two battery pins now form a closed circuit. At this point the entire Electron appears to be lost. USB is not working. Various reset attempts have not helped. Before I toss it I just thought I’d ask for any constructive ideas here regarding how to revive the Electron. Note that ideas like “RTFM” for the power supply - done! :slight_smile:

Can you power it through the 3.3V pin or the VIN pin?

On the C/D side ground and 3.3 are shorted. On the A/B side ground and VIN are not shorted, but also there is no sign of life when hooked up to voltage. Not sure what else to do at this point.

Don't try to power the Electron via the 3v3 pin

Thanks for the tip, although I think @sensorcheck's Electron is pretty fried as it is.

Would it be possible for @sensorcheck to replace the power regulator on the Electron?

I think it’s not only the regulator but also the PMIC that’s probably fried with that kind of voltage on the Li+ pin. While replacing a simple regulator would be doable, a chip like the PMIC doesn’t seem that feasible (at least I wouldn’t take the challenge :flushed:)

And with 14V+ I’d be very surprised if the STM didn’t get some blisters too :wink:

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Thanks all. I appreciate the knowledge shared on this thread and have ordered another Electron.

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