Looking For Co-Founders/ Team Members

Hey Guys,

I’m Akua Walters, an entrepreneur based out of Kingston, Jamaica. I am looking to solve a really cool problem having to do with energy monitoring using a Particle Electron shield. I have read through a lot of the posts here in the forum and I am very confident that i can find at least two people with the confidence and competence to come join my ( our start-up if you come along) start-up and help change the conversation surrounding energy consumption and the people who run that sector

I’d be interested in knowing more details about the project.

@phec has a similar interest

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Definitely. Do you wanna Skype?

I would LOVE to talk to you over Skype a=let you know what I am working on :smiley:

Still interested?

Particle electron energy monitoring

you can find all kind of energy monitoring solution for particle over here.