Looking for Asset tracker solution to use in Japan


I’m looking for the cheapest solution for asset tracker (for use in Japan) with an ability to receive its coordinates in real-time, so that I can use them to show in Google Maps, for example.
Also, is there any cloud service in particle for this purpose, and what is it about?

In the subject of this post I mentioned Japan, in case this solution can be used with a SIM card.

Thanks in advance.

There is no Particle solutions for Asset Tracking in Japan. The cellular modem used in the EMEAA region on the Tracker One (ONE524), Tracker SoM (T524), and B Series SoM (B524) is not recommended in Japan because of poor band fit with Japanese cellular bands.

Also, the devices are not certified for use in Japan because they are not recommended.

Thanks a lot!

Any plans to add APAC ?

No immediate plans, however as additional cellular modem models become available with a wider selection of bands, models with a better fit for APAC and also for South America would be a logical addition to the product line.

By the way, how asset tracking solution would look like EMEA, for example?

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