Looking for advice: Grafana + GPS Location?

Hi, I work on a project where I collect different sensordata with an electron. I store them in influxdb and display them with grafana.
Now I want to add a GPS to my device and store that data too. Sadly Grafan can´t display location data on a map or something similar. :confused:
So I would like to ask you for your advice with way I should go now. Since you can programm plugins for Grafana should I try to develop a Google Maps plugin for Grafana ? Should I better start with my own website where I use some open source libs for displaying the data + the google maps for the location data ? Or do you know some better alternativ to Grafana where I can display the sensordata + the location data ?

Thank you for your help :wink:

Have you had a look at ubidots?

Help with Electron Code for GPS lat/lon coordinates to Ubidots

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Thank you I will check it out. :+1:

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@ScruffR ubidots looks pretty solid. It has a lot of things similar with grafana but has also the option to create maps for location data which is nice! :smiley:
The bad thing is it is not free and you can´t host it on your own. :confused:
I think I will try to create a maps plugin for grafan and keep ubidots as a backup. Anyway thank you for your help.

AFAIK it’s free as long you don’t exceed some data threshold which should do for private use.