Logging "no cell service" events

Just a report, not a bug -

We live near the U of Michigan football stadium (capacity 109,001) and typically cell service is iffy during games because of the crowds.

I was able to demonstrate this to my satisfaction on Saturday during the game with an Electron that’s set up in my attic. It’s hard wired into power and has a battery through an asset tracker shield. That device generated a bunch of IFTTT “power events” on September 24, starting a few hours before game time. I’m sure that I didn’t lose power, so the only event that makes sense to map to what happened is loss of cell connectivity (with the device still being “up”).

Is it possible to trap “no cell connection” events on the Electron and dig deeper into what’s going on? I’d love to be able to see e.g. what cell towers are visible to the device, signal strength et al.