Location Services - Cellular only?

Does Particle Location Services allow folks to use the Electron for cellular location without the aid of the Google Location API? If so, can I switch my 2.99/mo SIM card over to the Location Services plan? For the most part, I don’t need granular location data for my project.

At the moment, the location services only supports GNSS (GPS) location. Support for cellular and Wi-Fi geolocation will be added in the near future, however.

At this time, the Tracker plan is only available on the Tracker SoM/Tracker One hardware, and can’t be used with any other hardware, so you cannot use it to add cellular location to other devices.

Thanks @rickkas7, I was beginning to suspect as much. I am a hobbyist that occasionally finds work in or around embedded systems, without a clear product goal at the moment. I suppose it’s as good of an excuse as any to start experimenting with the new wave of tracker hardware.