Local time and daylight saving time library

This library is designed for specific local time and daylight saving time scenarios on Particle devices. It is not intended to solve all problems in all situations, however it will work well in certain scenarios:

What it’s good for:

  • Managing local time, and daylight saving time, if needed, on devices in a known location
  • Mostly intended for devices in your own home
  • Managing scheduling of tasks at a specific local time
  • Displaying local time

What it’s not intended for:

  • Mobile devices that may change locations
  • Customer devices that could be in any timezone


  • Timezone configuration using a POSIX timezone rule string
  • Does not require network access to determine timezone and daylight saving transitions
  • Good for displaying local time, such as on clock-like devices
  • Good for scheduling operations at a specific local time. For example, every day at 8:00 AM regardless of timezone and DST
  • Support for locations with DST and without DST (timezone only)
  • Should work in the southern hemisphere where DST is opposite on the calendar
  • Should work in any country as long as a compatible POSIX timezone configuration string can be generated



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