Public DST Subscribe

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Wondering if there is a “Daylight Savings Time” Publish I could subscribe to?

I know when I “Publish” a value / variable I must state Private or Public.

My question is, does Particle publish a “DST Flag” which everyone could use just by subscribing to, if they so desire?

Sorry if I am off base here.


I use theTZCfg library and it auto configures the DST values based on the physical device location or GPS location or manual input - great library!


DST is way more complicated than it should be it’s based on location, not every country uses it and even the offsets and transitions-times are not the same…
The best thing I found was the TzCfg library mentioned above. It works mostly offline and just synchonises the timezone-data every now and then.



Complicated for sure. I took some code that @rickkas7 made and created a DST function that works for the US. Not as robust as TZCfg but is completely local.