Local IDE and build error detection?

Is it just me, or does anyone else end up head-scratching using the local IDE?

I’ve been developing test/sandbox apps in the browser IDE up until now and it at least throws out an error listing one can expand and generally track down build issues.

I installed the local IDE this morning and with the simplest of missing definitions/declarations or a collection of issues the IDE does nothing more than this upon a build invocation:

I thought this would be a better UX than the browser IDE on the dev side of the fence…
I’m running on Win 10 here.

It appears to be a bug. It only occurs if:

  • Your main source file has a .ino file extension
  • You have a project.properties file
  • You are targeting system firmware 0.6.0 or later

If any of those conditions is not true, then you’ll get the correct error messages as you’d expect.

For example, you can rename your source file to have a .cpp file extension instead of .ino and add to the top:

#include "Particle.h"

Or if you are not using any libraries, you can remove the project.properties file.

I’m not sure how long it will take for a bug fix, but either of those workarounds, or using the CLI, can be used to work around the problem for now.

You can track the status of this issue here:


Thanks for the quick reply and not admonishing my post without a deeper dive into forum searching… it was just too blatantly incorrect.

I ran into this yesterday also.

@rickkas7 It makes much more sense now that I know what was causing it.

@ScruffR This is the reason I couldn’t compile yesterday, the servers were not down :slight_smile:

@jimini I was able to compile the same code via the Online IDE for some reason.

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That’s why I was head scratching over this as the browser IDE has no issue… the .cpp and include.h tweaks were the tickets…