Local flash vs cloud flash build error

Local (USB) flash worked, cloud flash threw a build error looking for Time.h. I removed Time.h from my includes and cloud flash worked. There must be some difference in how the local flash and cloud flash compile/build? And why does the flash process need to build, why doesn't it just flash? The code is compiled before I try to flash. (deviceOS 5.7.0)

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In order to assess the reason for the bahiour you see, it would be important for us to know which build errors you see :wink:
"Doesn't work" isn't really helpful for guessing the possible reason.

Another helpful info to understand the reason would be to see your actual code and also where this Time.h should come from. I don't see a community library with that name.

Or do you mean the system header time.h? (which would be automatically included anyhow - if needed)

In non-Windows environments file names are case sensitive and the cloud compile is running on a non-Windows build farm.